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Dj evening - banker 

episode 1


The day when  I became a professional DJ, my wife took it really badly “when I met you, you were a banker, not a DJ! »


My mother explains to him, “You know, Théo, his job at heart is music! »

Notice  dj soiree 

​ So many prejudices about djs. You have to “be born” to do this job, that's my case. Dj is stronger than anything!

Marriage  100% funk

Part 2


At the start of the party, in the presence of the groom, the bride told me “it's my wedding, the guests are none of my business. Play funk all night"


The groom waits for his wife to walk away and reacts "Play some funk but if the floor empties, play what you're used to"


I only played funk. The bride surrounded by guests never left the dance floor until the end at 4am!

At the end, the groom told me “I've never seen my wife dance like that! »

 wedding dj reviews

Nothing is impossible, think also of the guests!

My alcohol is water  

Part 3


A colleague had entrusted me with a service. I had to meet the clients to finalize the contract.


I had taken a few glasses of wine during the meal, I started to feel violent headaches.


I said to myself: "How will I do it if one day I have violent headaches during a performance?"


I was about to cancel my meeting, I took a doliprane and prayed. The headaches disappeared just before my meeting!


This happened 5 years ago. I stopped drinking alcohol since that day.


Business party dj review

My alcohol is water!

Everyone on the track 

Part 4

At a Franco-English wedding, more than 80% of the guests are English. The newlyweds ask me not to broadcast French music.


In the middle of the dance party, the French guests revolt. They ask for French music on the black list of the married couple: the duck dance.

Under pressure, the groom agrees. I play the duck dance. All the guests without exception (French, English without forgetting the newlyweds) join the ring and do the duck dance!


wedding dj reviews

Frustrated guests are capable of anything: the best and the worst!

Stolen Vehicle 

Episode 5


A few years ago, I rented a utility vehicle to transport my equipment to each service.


One day, I'm going to my wedding performance. Several police vehicles stop me. They're convinced I'm a bandit driving a stolen vehicle.


After checking, they realize that the vehicle rental company has mistakenly declared the vehicle stolen. They finally let me go.


When I returned from my performance, around 6am, several police vehicles surrounded my vehicle to arrest me. They realize it's a mistake (the vehicle wasn't stolen). They take the opportunity to test my blood alcohol level! Fortunately, I had stopped alcohol (see episode 3 incredible but true). I left free.


The following year, I invested in my own utility vehicle and upgraded my rates.


Birthday dj review

Serenity has a price! It is better to rely on your own equipment than that of others.

Incredible but true (episode 1)

The day  I became a professional dj my wife took it really badly

“When I met you, you weren't a banker! »


My mother explains to him, “You know, Théo, his job at heart is music! »


Avis  perso

So many prejudices about djs. You have to “be born” to do this job, that's my case. Dj is stronger than anything!



Married on 08/21/2020

A dj at the top of the top!

Initially, we contacted Théo in particular because he seemed to be a specialist in mixed marriage and we were more than delighted with his performance during our Franco-Malagasy wedding! Théo is clearly an expert who knows how to adapt, listen to the newlyweds, advise them and make their event an event that really suits them. Théo knew how to make our wedding a crazy wedding and he made people and the bride and groom dance on the dance floor until dawn. Besides that, he's super cute!

Her professionalism, the quality of her services, her adaptability, her attentiveness and her kindness are the winning combo for an atmospheric and successful wedding! If you still have any doubts, don't have any more, many guests came to see us to tell us that "this wedding was the best wedding they have attended so far". Contact Theo with your eyes closed!

Thank you very much Théo, you were a real pillar in the realization of this unforgettable day and we will not forget you!


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